How do cleanses work?

Our cleanse consists of 6 different organic, cold pressed juices that provide your body with a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, while working to detoxify and replenish your body’s vital systems.

The juices you received are numbered 1 through 6. These numbers relate to the order in which they should be consumed throughout the day. All 6 should be consumed each day of the cleanse. During the cleanse, try your best not to eat solid foods. This will allow your digestive system to take a break and focus on recovery. If you do need to eat, choose raw fruits and vegetables in conjunction with the juice. Ultimately, there is no wrong here, but to receive the fullest benefits of this cleanse, work to withhold from eating so your systems can focus on repair and detoxification.

You can further maximize the detoxifying benefits of your juice cleanse by drinking 8 glasses of water daily and eating a clean diet for the 3 days leading up to your cleanse. Afterward, slowly reintroduce solid foods into your diet, starting with fruits and vegetables on day one, nuts and gluten-free grains on day two, and organic meats and fish, and gluten grains on day three.

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