Blue Moon PSM (Pumpkin Seed Milk)

Reverse Osmosis Water (New World Water Arcata), Pumpkin Seed*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Vanilla Bean Paste*, Blue Spirulina* , Pink Himalayan Salt*

*Certified Organic

Unlike our raw cold pressed juices, which have a 5 day ‘fridge life’, our Pumpkin Seed Milks stretch just perfect through 7 days of ‘fridge life’.

Dry farmed pumpkin seeds are a much more responsible plant based milk option than that of almond milk, a notoriously water thirsty nut, and overall just a more allergy friendly alternative milk.

Our house made PSM, as we like to call it, gets a smoky hint of light sweetness from the raw coconut palm sugar, and a comforting taste from the vanilla bean,  with a funky cool cloud like blue color loaded with B12 and other great detoxifying phytonutrients from the blue spirulina.

This can be used as a full milk replacement: cereal, granola, smoothies, overnight oats, chia pudding, coffee, tea or just in enjoy straight up post workout and feel the benefits of the magnesium rich pumpkin seeds, the relaxation from the natural tryptophane, and the satiating effects of the nutrient dense combination of it all.

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Our cold-pressed process ensures that our organic juice maintains 100% of its nutrients for the first 3 days. All juices have a 5 day fridge life.  Our Pumpkin Seed Milk, Lemonades, and wellness shots enjoy a 7 day fridge life.


Please Shake Well Before Consuming.

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