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  • Ginger Snap
    Ginger Snap
    Rainbow Chard*, Celery*, Apple*, Lemon*, Ginger* *Certified Organic One of my favorite “green”ish juices – the rainbow chard makes this one a little dark and dank looking but as the nutrients fall and juices natural water content rise you get a beautiful rainbow red green ombre effect.  Ginger Snap lives up to its name with a BITE of ginger – probably the strongest amount of ginger in our regular juices, not including of course our Wellness Shots, Ginger N’ Juice, and Cran-G.  The ginger is nicely paired with the sweet of the Fuji apple making all that ginger and greens more palatable to the masses.
  • Pure Celery
    Pure Celery
    Celery* *Certified Organic For this healthful juice – it’s recommended to consume [6-16oz] every morning on either an empty stomach or 15-20 min after lemon water or just water first thing in the a.m. as a ‘best practice’ to awaken the body and its organs from the nights fast.  Alternatively, in the afternoon/evening on an empty stomach would also be an advisable time.  Either way after consuming, wait 15-20 minutes before eating/drinking anything else. Owner Testimonial… this is the single most important juice I drink daily that has made the most difference in my every day life.  My skin [no more hormonal break-outs], my morning mood [no one gets hurt], my gut health, my cognitive function all has improved!  I just can’t without it [full stop]. Airlines check my luggage… I probably have some frozen in there to keep my tummy happy. No Joke.
  • R & R
    R & R
    Watermelon*, Pineapple*, Lemon*, Mint* *Certified Organic Ingredient
  • Rooty Lapple
    Rooty Lapple
    Fuji Apple*, Carrot*, Red Beet*, Lemon* *Certified Organic Our flagship Rooty Lapple is a classic sweet beet juice – soul satisfying, grounding feeling happens when you sip on this full bodied juice…if you like beets… and even some that don’t like beets enjoy this one.  Always available at the end of each week.  

Also Available for Friday Delivery