Humboldt County’s Favorite Cold-Pressed Juice

  • Our Juice

    Our cold pressed process ensures maximum nutrient retention across a 5 day shelf life. Allowing you to enjoy our amazing juice daily in the comfort of your own home. And with several lbs of organic produce in every bottle our juice is packed with the nutrients needed to keep you Phyl’n great.
  • How It Works

    Order when you want with no long term commitments or contracts. You can call, text, or login to your account to make changes at anytime. Order weekly, several times a week or place a one time order. You are welcome to pickup your juice or we can deliver it to you. The more you order the greater your discount.
  • Who We Are

    We’re a team with a passion for health and wellness coming together to offer incredible juice blends in a convenient and cost effective way. We are excited that we are able to both make and deliver juice right to your home or work making it convenient for you to enjoy it daily. Our only goal is to get everyone Phyl’n Juicy! #phylngood


    Organic, and Freshly pressed. Replenish, restore and rejuvenate with this natural and healthy juice.


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    Rid your body of excess toxins and kick your immune system into full gear with a juice cleanse.


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