Get that Glow

100% Organic Raw Cold-pressed Celery Juice delivered to your door every Wednesday and/or Friday!

Did You Know?

We press about 6 lbs of fresh, organic produce into every half gallon bottle!

Phly'n... huh?

What's up with the name?
Say it with us now... [fill-in] or [feel-in]
It's a play on the word "chlorophyll" - the process that is responsible for the green color of many plants and algae. We hope our cold-pressed juices keep you #Phlyn your best!

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Order by 3pm on Monday


Order by 5pm on Wednesday


Coming Soon!

Bottle Out, Bottle In…

We offer reusable glass or single use plastic bottles for your juice delivery. We charge a refundable $6 deposit for each glass bottle used in your order.