About My Journey

Meet the Maker

Hi! I’m Rita – a Humboldt transplant from the Bay Area, twenty-eight years ago and counting, with a background in business and accounting. After leaving the stressful unfulfilling grey #cubelife behind and sending off my only child to college, I sought a new purpose to find more joy, freedom, and hobbies! My whole adult life had been consumed with being a single mother, budgeting limited resources, raising my daughter, and working to just to live.

I believe work and health shouldn’t be on competing ends of the spectrum of life, but like many other Americans I found myself constantly having to squeeze a full life in after 5pm. Grabbing convenience foods, eating late and having imbalanced meals, eating in my car while working around packed after-school schedules of pick-ups/drop offs, homework (hers or mine) and it all left little time for much else. As I discovered the hard way, after years of imbalance, it took its toll on my wellbeing. It was time for a change!

I bought a home juicer for meal replacement purposes but still found that I wasn’t being consistent because the time-consuming prep and clean-up was so intense, despite loving the benefits I felt from the nutrient rich juices I made. That’s when a girlfriend told me about this family run juice business out of Blue Lake that delivered organic, cold-pressed juice right to your door! I immediately sought their service – Phyl’n Juice was the perfect solution to the work/life/living balance I craved. The time saving, life restoring balance it provided helped launch me into a new personal health and wellness journey. I took some nutrition courses locally that changed my whole perspective on my relationship with food, I made profound connections to how what I consumed and how I felt affected my day-to-day life, my energy, my being. And in December 2019 the opportunity presented itself to buy this incredible little business and the rest is herstory!

If you are looking for a convenient, healthy way to add more servings of raw fruits and vegetables into your daily life, packed with easily digestible phytonutrients, without waiting in line – look no further! Soon you will be #PHYLNGOOD like you should with the power of the plant delivered right to your door every Wednesday and Friday or available for pick-up in Arcata on Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:30pm. Our raw cold-pressed juice is good for 5 days, our wellness shots, Detox Lemonades, and Pumpkin Seed Mylk are good for 7 days. Set your week up right and order some today!

Woman Owned. Family Run. Locally Crafted. Full of Love and Nutrients.