About Us

About Us

Phyl’n Juice was founded in 2015 by Eric and Danielle Weems as a way to start #PhylnGood like they knew they should!

After their lives and family grew, Phyl’n Juice was placed in the hands of family, with Kyle and Natalie Visser – where they took #PhylnGood to the next level introducing Phyl’n Juice as Humboldt’s premier cold-pressed juice delivery service.

In the Fall of 2018 as the Visser’s entrepreneurial endeavors and family commitments expanded, they sought help to keep the juice flowin’… intro yours truly, the “Juice Lady”!

Meet Your Maker and the New Owner

Hi! I'm Rita - a Humboldt transplant from the Bay Area, twenty-five years ago and counting, with a background in business and accounting. After leaving the stressful unfulfilling grey #cubelife behind and sending off my only child to college, I sought a new purpose to find more joy, freedom and hobbies! My whole adult life had been consumed with being a single-mother, budgeting time and resources, raising my daughter and working to live.

Work and health shouldn’t be on competing ends of the spectrum of life, but like many other Americans I found myself constantly having to squeeze a full life in after 5pm. Convenience foods, imbalanced quick meals, after-school dance schedules of pick-ups/drop offs, homework (hers or mine) left little time for much else. As I discovered the hard way, after years of imbalance, it took its toll on my wellbeing. It was time for a change!

I bought a home juicer but still found that I wasn’t being consistent because the time-consuming prep and clean-up, despite loving the benefits I felt from the nutrient rich juices I made. That’s when a girlfriend told me about this little juice business out of Blue Lake that delivered organic, cold-pressed juice right to your door! I immediately sought their service – Phyl’n Juice was the perfect solution to the work/life/living balance I needed, and the rest is herstory!